How much does your course cost?

Invest Like a Girl is completely free of charge! We believe every single girl (yes, we're talking to you!!) deserves the chance to become financially empowered.

What is the Invest Like a Girl course?

The Invest Like a Girl course is your go-to guide on all things money. It consists of 10 short videos that will teach you everything you need to know about personal finance, covering topics such as: making money, saving, budgeting, investing and building credit in a relatable, on trend and easy to understand way. A syllabus for the course can be found on the Invest Like A Girl page.

How does the course work?

The Invest Like a Girl course consists of 10 videos, with each video covering a different topic in personal finance and ending with a short challenge that allows you to apply the lessons learned to your own life. In addition to the 10 videos of the course, extra "fun" (as in wayyy more chill) videos will be posted every once in awhile to give you extra money tips and tricks!

Is there an age requirement for your course?

NOPE! We can't wait to see you, your mom, little sister, grandma, pet chinchilla or anyone else at Invest like a Girl!

How can I contact Like A Girl Academy?

We thought you'd never ask! You can reach us at likeagirlacademy@gmail.com or DM us on Instagram @likeagirlacademy. We can't wait to hear from you!!