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Tali Goldman

Tali can recite the Gettysburg Address by heart, but she turned 21 without knowing how to pay a credit card bill. When she found out it was a matter of a few clicks, she felt the need to let everyone know that it was, in fact, not rocket science. Enter Like a Girl Academy. Tali cofounded Like a Girl Academy to teach girls everything they actually need to know for life. 


Tali is a rising Senior at the Sy Syms School of Business where she is studying Business Analytics with minors in Computer Science and Finance. When she’s not talking about her favorite topic (Roth IRAs!!), Tali can be found with friends, a good book, or sipping an overpriced latte. 

Liz Pavel

The moment Liz Pavel realized that 100% of girls know how to swipe a credit card, but only 24% know how to build credit, she realized there was a serious problem. But it wasn't until Liz found herself in a finance club, staring blankly as all the guys nodded their heads to various financial terms, that she took action. Liz co-founded Like a Girl Academy so that girls know the difference between short shorts and shorting a stock.


Liz is double majoring in Finance and Accounting with a minor in Computer Science at the Sy Syms School of Business, and plays for both the school's D3 NCAA basketball and soccer teams. In Liz’s “free time” she likes to fuel her shoe addiction, chill with friends and lounge on the beach (with sunscreen of course!).